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The Doctor Paradox Podcast explores why doctors the world over are increasingly dissatisfied in their jobs but more importantly analyzes the lives of doctors who have carved new and interesting paths to rediscover their passions. Additionally, we interview experts from around the world on topics that shed light on the challenges that are faced by doctors and how to best address them. Each episode tackles the issue of why doctors are unhappy in their work but more importantly, what can be done about it. It will provide you with a framework that you can apply to your own life which will ideally effect the change that is needed to find fulfillment in your work.
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Aug 29, 2016

Dr Anthony Montgomery is an organizational psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on burnout. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. He has studied the individual and organizational elements of burnout for many years and his findings are fascinating. 

I came across Dr Montgomery's work after reading an article he wrote entitled 'The Inevitability of Physician Burnout'. This is an enlightening conversation as to why we need to refocus the issue of burnout from the individual level to the ecosystem level. 

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Selected Show Notes:

Dr Anthony Montgomery

'The inevitability of physician burnout' by Dr Anthony Montgomery

Well Med Conference

'Mindset' by Carol Dweck

Areas Of Work Life Survey


Aug 21, 2016

Dr Stephen Beeson is the founder of the Physician Effective Project at Practicing Excellence and a nationally recognized leader in physician and healthcare performance. Dr Beeson is a  family medicine physician of 20 years and played a pivotal role in transforming the Sharp Rees-Stealy Healthcare group from a lowest tertile group to the highest, over several years. He is the author of 2 national best selling books on physician performance: Practicing Excellence and The Engaging Physician. 

This episode is a fantastic conversation with someone who is deeply committed to improving the lives of physicians and transforming the world of healthcare today. I know that I will be coming back to this conversation again and again. 

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Selected Show Notes:

Dr Stephen Beeson

Practicing Excellence 

'Practicing Excellence' by Dr Stephen Beeson

'The Engaging Physician' by Dr Stephen Beeson

Twitter: @SBeesonMD


Aug 15, 2016

Dr Gavin Francis is a Scottish physician and award winning writer. He has practiced medicine across the globe from Africa, India, Greenland, the Arctic and Antartica. After a rigorous selection process he was chosen to be the sole physician for a 15 month period on the Halley Research station in Antartica. The Halley Research station is said to be harder evacuate a casualty in winter than the International Space Station. 

This is a fantastic conversation with a physician who has used the platform of medicine to do a spectacular range of activities across the world. We get into what the section process is like, what life is like acting totally unsupported as a physician and what 3 months of darkness feels like. 

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Selected Show Notes:

Dr Gavin Francis

Empire Antartica by Dr Gavin Francis

British Antarctic Survey

Halley Research Station - Selected Images

Twitter: @GavinFranc


Aug 8, 2016

Prof Josh Cohen is a psychoanalyst and Professor of Modern Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London. Prof Cohen is the author of a recent article featured in The Economist entitled 'When Minds Turned To Ash' which explores the societal issue of burnout and why its possibly not a matter of working too hard. 

This is a fantastic conversation with an incredibly insightful mind on the topic of burnout. I certainly learned an immense amount from this discussion and I would highly recommend this episode for anyone looking to get some insight on the causes and strategies to address burnout.

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Selected Show Notes:

Prof Josh Cohen

Minds Turned To Ash - The Economist

'A Burnt Out Case' by Graham Greene

Prof Josh Cohen - Selected Publications

'The Private Life: Why Remain In The Dark' by Prof Josh Cohen

Walden: A Life In The Woods by Henry David Thoreau

Playing and Reality by Donald Winnicott